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Minty.Fresh are just a group of Mexicans north of the border. The members have been known for their love of Juan JZ's, the odd fail-wheel-drive and Bueno buses. 

While we are not known to take things in life seriously, we do take great pride in our cars. Beneath all the smashed fiberglass and a hoard of cable ties our goal has always been to build reliable cars which will stand up to all the abuse they are put through... To ensure that the fiberglass is the only thing that explodes

Over time we have been sourcing components from all over the world to complete our builds, and now we are offering them to you along with Original Parts developed in-house. 

Minty.Fresh produce good looking aero and performance products to freshen up your ride. With emphasis on car and driving style. The team aims ever higher in the pursuit of Juan.

Team Minty.Fresh,

NOONEFRESHER since 1986!

Follow the Drivers:

CHASER - @Minto_San

MX5 - @MintyFresh_MrD

ALTEZZA - @Pete_the_Russian

EVO - @Thacko_San

ECO WARRIOR HYBRID - @MintyFresh_BigNiks

MARK II - @MintyFresh_Jites

SOARER - @Edd_is_Dead

SUPERCHARGED IS200 - @Alex_IS200_Supercharged

South of the Border Down Mexico Way:

CHASER - @Vomit_Scum