Moose Knuckle 2.0 - JZX90/100/110/SXE10

£125.00 - £185.00
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Moose Knuckle 2.0 - JZX90/100/110/SXE10

**The last of the last batch for now, they received some transit damage so will have some missing paint**

Turn your fitment from camel toe to moose knuckle overnight with Minty.Fresh Moose Knuckles.

'Street Spec' extra lock knuckles designed for use with minimal modification to the front suspension.

Requires modification of the lower OEM ball joint by grinding off the track rod pickup.

Requires longer track rod ends:
JZX90 & JZX100 can use JZX110 track rod ends.
JZX110 & SXE10 can use JZS161 Aristo track rod ends

If the above doesn't make sense, we can provide correct track rod ends for your car for additional £45. Select applicable option from the dropdown.

If you require any additional information, please dont hesitate to message

60 Degrees of Lock
Addition of 3-5 Degrees of Negative Camber
Material: ASTM A830 Grade: C1020 Carbon Steel
CNC Machined
Locating Dowels
Zero Ackerman
10.9 Grade Bolts
Super Bawler, Mega Regit Japan Colour

*Offroad Use Only*