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Front Fenders: Type 3 - SXE10


Some people find hard to let things go. So if you and your oem arch have that special bond, you dont have to say 'goodbye'. These Type 3 Bolt-on front arches are the ideal solution for you.

Type 3 Front Bolt-on Fenders/Arches are 50mm wider than stock.

Will fit: IS200/IS300/Altezza. Require OEM arch/fender to bolt or bond to.

Allow 4-6 weeks for the creation of these FRP items.

Due to the nature and size of these parts they are too large to properly box and keep under max size limits. They will be lightly packed with cardboard taped to the edges etc.. but are a higher risk item for damage in transit.

All aftermarket fenders come in gelcoat and need to be prepped for painting so light damage is not that hard to repair before painting.

Thanks for understanding.