Gundamador Mirror Kit MX5 NA/NB

Gundamador Mirror Kit MX5 NA/NB

This is a presale - We are expecting the mirrors to land around 18/10/21 and then we can dispatch.

Minty.Fresh - Floatin' Gundamador MAZDA MX5 NA/NB Mirror Kit.

Please Read;
Kit Comes with;
- 1 x Pair of Black Gundamador Mirrors + Glass.
- 1 x Pair of 4mm Perspex Triangle Quarters. (To fit NA/NB).
- 1x Pair of Ganador Visor extensions.
- Hardware to install.

Note: For off-road use only. The original mirror's will leave behind a few holes which will need to be welded closed, or covered over the top of to save water getting in.

* You may choose to use a sealent round the trim to ensure water tight seal, however we havent with our's, *