MFNA801 Full Kit

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MFNA801 Full Kit


The MF NA8 01 Kit (NA MX5) comes as a first for MF. This kit has been handcrafted in the highlands through the cold midnight evenings over the last 6 months.

The MFNA801 front bumper comes complete with light buckets and lids, but does not come with the lights. This is a standard 6x4 size of brick used by Jet Stream etc.
If you wish to run the OE popups or an alternative light, then simply trim the buckets off and sand back.

Each kit will come in PINK gel coat, Although we cannot guarantee a perfect fit due to the age of the cars, we can however say it's dam close. NA MX5s have OE adjustment in the wings, lights and bonnet to get a snug fit.
We recommend this kit to be installed by a professional; as some of the easiest of tasks can appear daunting for those who have no experience. Small scrapes etc is normal as this product requires prepped and primered before painting.

Optional Kevlar reinforced upgrade. Added to all bumper corners and vertical upgrights. For years now all the MF cars have ran Kevlar upgraded aero, its really the only way kits that scrape, will out last a season.

Please expect up to a 6-8 week time frame for delivery of the kit. (However we expect this to be far less!) When ordered you will be placed in a que and we will update you of your number as we go.

If you wish to collect this kit then please contact us; and we can give you a code to minus delivery costs.

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